Thursday, May 02, 2013

Deconstructing Sage

Or is it decomposing?

The latest news in the, ahem, turnover in the Sage corner of the ERP Graveyard relates to the business unit formerly known as Sage Construction (based in the UK), now trading as something called "Eque2."  Does this involve horses in some fashion?  Are they building glue factories?

Apparently, management - backed by a UK-based private equity group called ISIS Equity Partners - bought out the business from their formerly acquisitive overlords, including all ongoing product development for Sage ERP EVision, Sage ERP Intuita, Sage Estimating, Sage Housebuilding, Sage 50 Construction and Sage 200 Construction.

Freed of their corporate shackles, the new owners wasted no time before declaring their dual citizenship:  "As well as being a Sage Business Partner, Eque2 will continue to offer solutions with Microsoft at their core."