Monday, October 08, 2007

SAP buys Business Objects

This one's all over the financial press, so I won't bother with any links right now. But it's worth asking what's really driving this. As lots of people have observed, it's a pretty dramatic strategic turnaround for SAP - especially on the heels of the Business ByDesign product announcement (which seemed to underscore their internal-growth plan).

So are they just playing catch-up to Larry Ellison? Or is it a deeper problem? The market expects some pretty big revenue numbers from SAP, and there aren't but so many $100MM software sales out there to be had. OK, so they'll launch the ByDesign midmarket play, but sheesh, that's a lot of volume they'll need to generate.

Maybe cheaper just to buy the revenue.

So, will they end up buying Infor eventually, as AMR's Bruce Richardson and others hasve suggested? I was skeptical, but less so now. Haven't seen that S-1 filing yet. Just think of all the trees we could save by just fast-forwarding straight to that deal.