Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Welcome to my blog on the ever-shrinking world of Enterprise Resource Planning software vendors. In addition to maintaining an up-to-date "deathwatch" on ERP software at all levels of the marketplace, I'd like for this blog to be a resource for people looking for help once their company's mission-critical software has gone dark.

By way of full disclosure, my company offers an open source-based system called OpenMFG. The idea, whether you're a VAR or a corporate end-user, is that you don't have to worry about what happens to us as a company. You've got the source code, you've got a community of users and developers that know the product, and as such you've got security.

More to come shortly.


  1. Where does Mincom and its "Ellipse" product figure on your horizon?

    I recently left that organisation (for a number of reasons) but one of those was the sense that the product and the company were headed to the ERP elephants' graveyard in the next little while.

    Be interested in your view...

  2. No mention of IFS.