Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Parsing Sage, MAS 90 it's time...

Sorry, I worked really hard to find a better homonym for "Rosemary," but hey, give a blogger a break.

The news here, hardly a surprise, is that serial 90s-ware software acquirer Sage (formerly Best Software in the US) gave some hard news to its partners yesterday.  Those of us who follow the growing landfill at the ERP Graveyard have come to an uneasy peace with seeing formerly beloved products taken out behind the barn and dispatched, but today, in a candid keynote by Sage CTO Himanshu Palsule, the company read out the List of the Dead:
  • Sage Pro ERP (formerly ACCPAC Pro and SBT Pro)
  • Sage PFW (formerly Platinum for Windows)
  • Sage 500 (formerly MAS 500, former-formerly something else in the UK, unrelated to the old MAS 90 and 200 but renamed - can anybody help me here?)
  • Sage BusinessVision Accounting
  • Sage BusinessWorks Accounting
  • Sage BusinessBody Accounting (ok, I made that last one up)

No official word on the following:
  • Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree Accounting)
  • Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90)
  • Sage 300 (is that different from regular ACCPAC?)
  • Sage 104.5 "The Jam" - all of today's best dance hits

Tepid apologies for the extra snark. But see here for an earlier discussion of the Sage branding extravaganza, almost exactly one year ago.  Raise your hand if it's all clearer to you now.

Regardless, kudos to Palsule for his forthrightness - which was quickly undone by Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon in this classic bit of Newspeak:  "Both core and noncore businesses will remain key parts of our overall portfolio."

Much as the Delta House in Animal House was said to have had a "long tradition of existence - both to its members and the community at large."  You tell 'em, Frère Houillon.

Perhaps some of these venerable products can find a home at Aptean, before they're finally put out to pasture.


  1. Hi Ned,

    The formerly-formerly stuff you're looking for on MAS 500 is..

    > formerly Sage Enterprise Suite, formerly Best Enterprise Suite, formerly Acuity.

    No connection to any product in the UK. It was the fancy new windows based accounting system State of the Art was building back when they were also slapping a windows wrapper around MAS 90.

  2. Sage 500 was formally Tetra CS3 in the UK.

  3. Why not post here too

    Sage BusinessVision
    Founded in 1980's
    Acquired in 1990's by Sofline (I think it was a European company)
    Sage acquired Softline in 2003-2004

    BV should have 2 graveyard tombstones

  4. Oh another one
    SimplyAccounting (now Sage 50)should have 3 tombstones

    Founded in 1983
    Acquired by Computer Associates 1989
    Acquired by Accpac mid 90's
    Acquired by Sage 2003-2004