Thursday, February 09, 2006

Spreadsheet of Graveyard deals

Thanks to Teresa Jones, Senior Research Analyst at the Butler Group in the UK, for compiling and making available to ERP Graveyard readers this spreadsheet of dates and deal terms for much of what's transpired in the past fifteen years or so. We'll do our best to update it along with the Scorecard - and if we get inspired, might end up combining the two with mouseover ALT TEXT tags or something like that.

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  1. MBS - Microsoft Business Solutions - now known as Microsoft Dynamics changed their entire prodcut naming convention 3 months back. MBS has 4 products that play in the ERP arena - Axapta, Navision, Great Plains, and Solomon. MBS also owns Microsoft CRM and FRx. All of the above mentioned products have a new naming convention. Axapta is Dynamics AX, Navision is Dynamics NV, Great Plains is Dynamics GP, Microsoft CRM is Dynamics CRM.

    Why? Because Microsoft Business Solutions aka Microsoft Dynamics is going to consolidate all of the above mentioned solutions into a single solution. Axapta aka Dynamics AX will be the flagship that Great Plains, Navision, and Solomon all eventually become. It is coming. The beginning is the ambiguous name consolidation for branding purposes.

    If you are currently a Great Plains, Navision, or Solomon customer and are current on support when the change occures you will be migrated over to the then current version of Dynamics software at no additional cost to purchase will have to pay through the nose to re-implement everything.