Thursday, May 22, 2014

But then who would buy Epicor?

As ASUG's Thomas Wailgum rightly calls it, here's the 2014 version of this story...  "8 Reasons Why Microsoft Needs to Buy SAP Right Now."

That would be fun.  Then, to answer the question in the title, maybe Infor buys Epicor, then Oracle buys them both...

So it's a happy ending for all the private equity guys, and the MicroSAP/Epinforacle duopoly plods on, until the valiant open source ERP freedom fighters sneak up on them and turn their market upside down!


  1. So CVC has seen the light
    And will not buy this piece of shite
    At $3.5B and a little change
    Apax's price is outside the range
    With sales that are flat and earnings weak
    Will take more than a little tweak
    To get this sad old "used to be"
    To acceptable profitability
    With E10 sales not strong at all
    Will Epicor just hit the proverbial wall?
    So what happens next in this silly saga?
    Don't say that we didn't warn ya!!

  2. Nicely done! For those who missed it, Epicor is no longer for sale, sez the WSJ:

  3. One article says the highest bids were for $3 billion, including debt. Given the $1.3 billion debt Epicor was carrying (mostly due to Apax cashing in with a big dividend payout), does that mean the actual offer for the company itself was $1.7 billion? If so...less than half what Apax wanted, but probably more in line with the trajectory of the company.

  4. I heard they just "retired" the SVP of marketing. Guy had been there 30 years. Gone, just like that...

    They also removed the Antipodean clown who was running APAC into the ground.

    Sounds like they are positioning the company for a sale by continuing to lay off staff and close offices. Anything to pump up the earnings in the short term so that the valuation will be as high as possible.

    We have to pity the poor sucker that buys this festering turd of a company....

  5. Why did Donna Troy GM Sales Americas just leave? Was she forced out? She has been there less than two years.

    Maybe Joe Cowan has another "friend" he wants to appoint?

  6. Very interesting as to why Ms Troy left - although I do believe the results delivered in the Americas have been less than satisfactory.

    My guess is that Keith Deane - the GM for Intl - will be next out the door. Their results have also been poor and he is reluctant to embrace the new Cloud strategy. Joe will not tolerate that for too long!

  7. It is sad to see all the good people leaving. The only ones hanging around are seniors managers waiting for the sale and to cash out and the hopeless cases who are unemployable but are protected by the "higher ups".